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I've been a loyal Netflix customer for years. Recently I ordered Disk 3 of Season 2 of the Sopranos. As I watched the DVD, I was lost and seemed to have missed a prior episode. I checked the Netflix website and found that the first episode, D-Girl, was missing from the disk.

I tried to log my issue online, but there were no options which worked for my issue. I next called Netflix. The first person I spoke with advised me to Google the episode and see if I could find it online. I replied that I was paying Netflix to supply the episode. I wasn't making any progress though so I hung up and called back.

The next person I spoke with was more rational, but she kept insisting that they couldn't do anything other than send me another disk. I explained that the episode wasn't listed on the disk jacket so a replacemnt DVD was likely to have the same problem. I explained that I had waited nearly a month for the disk and then got one that didn't contain all the episodes. I requested a refund for a month of service. She said she was not able to offer me any monetary compensation so I asked for her superviser. I had the same conversation with him and got the same result... No refunds, but we'll send you another disk.

I received the replacement DVD today, and, of course, the episode is still missing on it. (Maybe it is just me, but think I'd check the DVD cover for the missing episode before I mailed out another defective DVD.) I called back for the third time. The rep I spoke with advised that he's noting the issue and they'll research it. It didn't sound as if the other calls had even resulted in Netflix researching the issue. This makes me doubt (even more) Netflix's claim that no one else has reported this issue.

I have really enjoyed my Netflix subscription. I have had small issues like scratched disks here and there or streaming issues, but I don't want to give my money to a company that has so little interest in customer satisfaction.

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Netflix is not upfront with how they operate.

It would appear that they are bound by copyright laws. Some of their shows are incomplete, especially if you stream them. What is the point of that? Well, those shows that are missing have some sort of copyright so that you will buy the whole show on DVD and so you can't pirate the series. But who buys Netflix to watch only part of a series?

On other shows we have noticed that they have changed the background music. Why? Copyright again. We think.

The streaming service sucks because most of the selection is B movies. If you have kids, great. If not, it's a waste.

At least if they could be honest about it and tell the customer why they do these things. But they don't.

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